Herdwick Sheep Breeder Association Main Herdwick Sales 2020

Mitchells Lakeland Livestock Centre, Cockermouth CA13 0QQ Tel: 01900 822016

Tups Saturday 3rd October 2020 Draft Ewes Friday 2nd October 2020

Harrison & Hetherington, Broughton-in-Furness LA20 6HQ Tel: Bill Johnson 01229716126

Tups Tuesday 29th September 2020 Draft Ewes Tuesday 6th October 2020

HSBA INSIST that those people attending the mart follow exactly the mart rules on  COVID-19 guidelines from the Livestock Auctioneers Association 27th July 2020 

*****Broughton Sales Update***
•The sale of Herdwick tups will be held on the top auction yard outside, to allow for social distancing measures to be observed while allowing as many people as possible to attend the sale.
•only one buyer per business
•Swaledale tups will be sold through the ring as usual.
•A sale ring will be made with the new moveable pens, with a one way system for tups being brought up to the ring and back down to their pens. No one is to stand in the areas where the tups will come into and leave the ring.
•All buyers and vendors to provide and wear face masks and sanitize hands regularly while in the Mart.
•Give name, address and contact details and sign the COVID-19 declaration when entering the Mart, only buyer per business.
•There is a one-way system in operation through/around the ring area. No-one is to enter the Mart through the door off the street, this is an exit door only during this time (there are signs on the door). Access to the auction is through the main gate to the penning area.
•If it is possible to have a show of the tups, it should be restricted to one tup per vendor. Tups let out in multiples of 10 or thereabouts. Judge/s pick out what they want and the rest are taken away back to their pens. This should keep close contact to a minimum.

There will be a show of sheep at the sales this year.

WE ARE GRATEFUL TO OUR SPONSORS Hundith Hill Hotel  hundith.com who have supported HSBA to purchase PPE to fascilitate Tup Registrations.

Hundith Hill are also pleased to offer members a discounted room rate for the October sale date. It’s a lovely hotel with fabulous views and close to the mart.

King bed room with balcony would be charged at a discounted rate of £115.00 per night bed and breakfast.   Please call Joanne on 01900 822092

 Various other sales in late September and October

Penrith & District Farmers’ Mart Agricultural Hall, Penrith CA11 0DN Tel: 01768 864700

North West Auctions Junction 36, Appleby Road, Kendal LA9 6ES Tel: 01539 720603