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Herdwick Wool Products Wool & Clothes

Herdwick sheep have a distinctive thick grey fleece well adapted to the harsh Lake District environment. Farmers find that the Herdwick’s fleece dries out quicker than other breeds after rain. It’s hard wearing qualities and natural grey colour has been developedCarpets into a wide range of products.


Herdwick Lamb and MuttonHerdwick Lamb

Herdwick meat is renowned for its distinctive taste and eating quality – a natural result of the lambs maturing slowly on the heather and grasses of the Lake District fells. The meat is succulent, tender and tasty with a more gamey flavour than conventional lamb. And we are not just saying this; a scientific study by Bristol University showed that the taste and texture of Herdwick lamb was superior to lamb from lowland breeds and that the meat contained beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids.

Herdwick meats may be sourced direct from  Lake District farmers on the link Herdwick Lamb.

Herdwick Books

Books about the history of  the breed and Cookery are available