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Herdwick Rugs, Throws and Clothes

Crookabeck Herdwicks  Herdwick Wool & Knits

Mary Bell, Crookabeck, Patterdale, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 0NP

Tel: 017684 82742

A range of wool and knits are available from Crookabeck Herdwicks

Email: mary@crookabeck.demon.co.uk

Helvellyn Herdwicks: Herdwiick Rugs & Throws
Pam Hall, Fornside Farm , St. John’s in the Vale, Keswick, Cumbria CA12 4TS

Tel: 017687 79173

A range of the highest quality rugs and throws using the finest wool from sheep grazing the Helvellyn fells in the heart of the Lake District.

These sheep provide a stunning range of natural colours which provide wool for spinning a rich dark grey yarn and a light rocky grey. We also use white wool from our Cheviot and Swaledale breeds.

Some of the light grey Herdwick yarn is dyed in colours which reflect the magnificent Helvellyn landscape; mossy green, russet bracken, heather pink and deep lake blue.

The rugs are woven using the Herdwick wool in both natural colours and dyed shades. The art of the weaver blends this wool, creating rugs in a range of textures and an infinite variety of colours, reflecting the landscape of the Helvellyn Range.

Please call either Pam or Mary for a brochure.

Email: herdwicks@fornside.co.uk


Vicky Edmondson: Herdwick Clothes

Robinson Place Farm, Great Langdale, Ambleside, Cumbria, LA22 9JS

Tel: 015394 37214
Email: victoriaedmondson@hotmail.com

Owned by the National Trust, Robinson Place Farm is a traditional Lakeland Hill farm situated in the heart of the beautiful Langdale Valley.

The farm was build around the 17th Century and runs a stock of 1300 Herdwick fell sheep.

Using wool from her husband’s sheep, Vicky Edmundson knits a wide range of clothing of different designs and different sizes, including hats, lined cardigans, children’s jumpers … Her knitwear can be made to order.

Please call 015394 37214 for further information.

The Wool Clip

The Wool Clip began as a co-operative of Cumbria-based crafts people back in 2001. All enthusiastic designers and makers but many  were juggling work with farming, families and other commitments. They enjoy working with wool but also understand the threat to British wool and local sheep farming and the loss of traditional craft skills.

These and other herdwick wool products can also be bought at Priests Mill, Caldbeck through the Wool Clip Cooperative.
Tel: 016974 78707
Email: info@woolclip.com

Crookabeck Herdwicks Helvellyn Herdwicks Robinson Place Wool Clip

Herdwick Wool Products

Herdwick sheep have a distinctive thick grey fleece well adapted to the harsh Lake District environment. Farmers find that the Herdwick’s fleece dries out quicker than other breeds after rain. It’s hard wearing qualities and natural grey colour has been developed into a wide range of products: