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Cockermouth on Friday & Saturday 5th & 6th October 2012

Mitchells held its annual 2 day show and sale of Herdwick ewes & Rams where a catalogued entry of 5126 ewes & 184 registered rams were forward.

The weekend started with the ewes which were presented in good condition but customers were very cautious and selective.  These sheep were the bargain of the year by a mile averaging £40.30 down a staggering £19.66 on the year.

Herdwick shearlings averaged £60.50, Gimmer lambs £33.86 and Ewes £40.30.

Show Results Judge G Grave


1st _  A & K Nicholson, Swinside End £130 to D Thompson

2nd _  Bland & Barnes, Knott Houses £78 to M Fox

3rd _  D & J Wilson, Anns Cottage £72 to Messrs Procter


1st _  S Hill, Little Cross £80 to Messrs Thomson

2nd _  D & J Wilson, Anns Cottage £72 to Messrs Procter

3rd _  A & L Harrison Taw House £82 to R Lamb


1st _  Messrs Elliot, Stone Barn £55 to Messrs Percival

2nd _  D & J Wilson, Anns Cottage £52 to Messrs Ogbourne

3rd _  C I Hartley, Barfield £40 to Messrs Wain


Herdwick Ewes - £130 Swinside End; £90 Little Cross; £80 Gatesgarth; £78 Knott Houses; £74 Taw House;

£72 Anns Cottage; £72 Gatesgarth; £72 Swinside End; £72 West Head

Herdwick Shearlings - £86 Skelsceugh; £82 Taw House; £80 Little Cross

Herdwick Gimmer Lambs - £55 Stonebarn; £52 Anns Cottage

Day 2 saw the annual show and sale of Registered Herdwick Rams where 184 were forward for sale.  Trade was very good with 21 sheep selling over 1000 gns with an overall sale average of £578.98 being achieved for 172 sold.

Top of the day was 3050 gns from Stanley Jackson, Nook Farm selling to Prof. Bowles of North Yorkshire.  Next top was 3000 gns from Kevin Wrathall, Cockley Beck Farm selling to Messrs Nicholson, Swinside End Farm.

Champion went to a cracking ram from  R Weir, Chapel Farm, Borrowdale later selling for 1800 gns to Messrs Taylforth, Millbeck.

TOP PRICES (Guineas)

3050 Nook Farm; 3000, 2000 Cockley Beck; 2300 Longrow Farm; 2100 How Hall;  1900 Racy Ghyll Farm;

1800 Chapel Farm; 1700; 1050  Barfield; 1700 Skelsceugh Farm; 1500 Anns Cottage; 1400 Bowderdale; 1250; 1000  West Head Farm; 1250 Seathwaite; 1250; 1000 Swinside End; 1200 Ulcatrow; 1120 Little Cross; 1100 Turner Hall; 1050 The Gallion

Show results Judge G Brown & I Grisedale

Aged Ram

1st C . Hartley, Barfield 4767; 2nd J Wilson, Anns Cottage 5786; 3rd P. Edmondon, Seathwaite 5521; 4th P. Naylor, Bowderdale 5295

Best Mouth – E. Liddle, Lorton 5721.

Two Shear

1st J Weir, Chapel Farm 7086; 2nd WS Jackson, Nook 7184; 3rd A. Nicholson, Swinside End; 4th WS Jackson, Nook 7183

Shearling Ram

1st C. Hartley, Barfield 7427; 2nd A. Nicholson, Swinside End 7486; 3rd M/S BL & S Stagg  Long Row Farm 7481; 4th A. Nicholson, Swinside End 7484

Champion – J Weir, Chapel Farm.

Reserve Champion – C. Hartley, Barfield

The Ashridge Prize for the best young handler under 18 years of age

Female Handle 1st Emily Elliott, 2nd Laura Elliott

Male Handler 1st Alex Bland, 2nd David Stephenson, 3rd Nathan Bland, equal 4th Robert Benn, Stephen Baines, Cameron Bland

Broughton Sales

The noted annual show and sale of Herdwick rams held at Broughton Auction Mart attracted a good show of sheep which sold to a top price of 4,800gns for the. All quality rams for both breeds were in demand, whilst the plainer types attracted a more selective trade-In the Herdwick ring, the leading price was 4,800gns for a shearling ram shown b y Anthony Hartley of Turner Hall, Seathwaite. Sired by a Bland bred ram, it was sold to Messrs Hodgson of Glenridding.

Following at 4,500gns was a Herdwick shown by George Harryman of the Galleon, Hawkshead. This ram caught the eye of Messrs Harrison of Boot.

An early entry to the Herdwick sale ring and selling for 1,800gns came from J Bland of Thorneythwaite, Borrowdale. This was the first from the Thorneythwaite pen and was knocked down to P Edmondson of Seathwaite.

Also from Messrs Bland came the next price at 1,700gns. This time the buyer was J & MB Birkett of Little Langdale.

The Herdwick shearling ram from the Tiberthwaite consignment shown by WG Wilkinson of Coniston was sold for 1,600gns. This entry was sired by a Langstrath bred ram and was secured by J Rebanks of Newby, Penrith.

A non registered 3 shear Herdwick sold for £2,500 and was shown by WS Jackson of Nook Farm, Rosthwaite. It was sold to Anthony Hartley of Seathwaite.

Herdwick Ram Show Judges J Clark & P Edmondson

Aged Ram

1st WS Jackson, Nook Farm 4592; 2nd S Hardisty & Son, How Hall 5801; 3rd A Hartley Ltd, Turner Hall 4414; 4th JS Bland, Thorneythwaite 4717.

Best Mouth – P Bland, Knott Houses 4717.

Two Shear

1st JS Bland, Thorneythwaite 7145; 2nd CA & JR Brown, Deepdale Hall 7417; 3rd Messrs Lightfoot, Gillside Farm 7217; 4th Messrs Lightfoot, Gillside Farm 7385.

Shearling Ram

1st A Hartley Ltd, Turner Hall 7638; 2nd RA Lancaster, Green Cottages 7410; 3rd S Hardisty & Son, How Hall 7589: 4th JG Harryman, Galleon 7589.

Champion – A Hartley Ltd, Turner Hall.

Reserve Champion – JS Bland, Thorneythwaite.

Leading Prices:

Registered Herdwick: 4800gns, 1000gns (x2), 700gns Turner Hall Farm, 4500gns, 800gns The Galleon, 1800gns, 1700gns Thorneythwaite, 1600gns Tilberthwaite, 1500gns Deepdale Hall, 900gns, 700gns Gillside Farm, 800gns Ellermere Farm, 800gns Green Cottages, 800gns Knott House Farm, 750gns How Hall Farm, 750gns, 700gns (x2) Fellfoot, 700gns Hillside House, 700gns (x2) Little Langdale.

Unregistered Herdwick: £2500 Nook Farm, £700 Hillside House.

Averages – 46 shearling rams £548.05, 86 senior rams £374.95.