Chimney Sheep

Chimney Sheep Ltd 25A Solway Trading Estate Maryport Cumbria CA15 8NF - See more at:

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The Chimney Sheep is made from 100% Herdwick woolchimney_how_to_use



The Chimney Sheep draught excluder for chimneys comes with its own dangle, and it is very important that this is visible at the top of the fireplace so no-one forgets it is there and lights a fire. There are also a range of dangles that can be hung from the handle to decorate your fireplace and make it look more cheerful when the fire is out. If you want to light the fire the Chimney Sheep is easily removed – pop it in a gorgeous wrap to hang from the mantelpiece or put it in a bag in the cupboard, then push it back in when the fire is completely out.

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Wools of Cumbria Carpets Ltd

Tel: (0)15396 28120

Wools of Cumbria Carpets is proud to be able to offer wool grown, sheared, scoured, spun and made into carpet within 100 miles of the centre of Cumbria.
Broadloom carpet and tiles, from our ‘Graphite, ‘Designer Graphite Stripe’ and ‘Colourwash’ ranges can be sold and delivered direct to the consumer anywhere in the UK.  WOCC stand
Every square metre sold provides funds for the HSBA.

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Thermafleece Insulation Soulands GateDacrePenrithCumbria CA11 0JF

Tel: 017684 86285

Thermafleece Insulation made from Herdwick wool



Second Nature UK Ltd is the maker of “Thermafleece” sheep wool thermal insulation, an innovative recyclable product improving the energy efficiency of buildings made from fell wool including Herdwick.

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