Dowthwaite Head,


Mayson Weir dowthwaite

Can also arrange export of sheep
Dowthwaite Head, Matterdale, Cumbria CA11 0LG  Tel: 017684 82333

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Middlesmoor Herdwicks


The Middlesmoor Herdwicks are situated in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty of Upper Nidderdale in North Yorkshire. The flock is high quality and purebred with sheep that are regularly handled and quiet to work with.

WhiteDianna Bowles
Blacksmiths Cottage, Milddlesmoor, Nth Yorks


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Racy Ghyll Herdwicks


Racy Ghyll Herdwicks.
James and Helen Rebanks
Rebanks tupRacey Ghyll
Top quality Herdwicks, male and female for sale. Fell flock runs on Matterdale Common. Respected and long established flock. Just 15 mins from M6. Specialise in breeding tups, and have sold to most of the top flocks where they do well.
Range of prices and ages for sale.
Tel 07741 304633

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Westfield Herdwicks



The flock origwestfieldinates from some of the best herdwick sheep breeders in Cumbria.

The sheep are respectful of fences, quiet, very easy to handle and come to a bucket.

Rams, ewes, lambs and breeding groups available from a very good flock.



Tel 07999 816999


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