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Our friends at the herdy company are great supporters and celebrators of our amazing breed, through their business and on-going work behind the scenes with the herdy fund.

Their latest creations have been the ‘My Herdy’ limited edition family – bringing the breed to life in a loveable series – first the My Herdy Ewe (sold out), then earlier this year the My Herdy lamb; and now, the magnificent My Herdy Tup.

In designing the ‘daddy’ of the family, the folk at herdy HQ had to decide whether to make him a true Tup in every sense of the word. There are obviously two particular features that make the male Herdwick valuable and they were keen to replicate this!

Spencer Hannah from herdy tells us: “The brief to Merrythought, England’s last remaining teddy bear manufacturer, was to make My Herdy Tup ‘complete’ with his two ‘most valuable assets’. We are all thrilled with the result – My Herdy Tup, with his lovely curled horns and magnificent mane, is a beautiful and truly unique soft toy, and a worthy tribute to this very special animal.”

Sarah Holmes from Merrythought said: ‘It’s definitely the first time we’ve ever been asked to make a soft toy which is so anatomically correct! We have always had such fun making the My Herdy collection pieces, and this one really made us all smile.

Each one has been lovingly handmade at our workshop from pure alpaca, a wool we always use because of its softness and suitability for soft toy making. The finishing touch to each My Herdy Tup is his hand-embroidered nose and smile, so no two will be exactly the same.’

The Herdwick sheep inspired the creation of Herdy back in 2007, and through the company’s responsibility agenda, they find ways of of supporting all kinds of rural community initiatives; upland fell farming and the Herdwick sheep, through the herdy fund.

My Herdy Tup, a numbered limited edition of 250 pieces, presented in a hand made box. Handmade in England for herdy by Merrythought. Price £119.

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